Better Call I.T. Tech Tips

“Sure, I will Facetime you! I just finished a Zoom Call with my Class.”

Today will be Day 44 of working from home for me. It has been quite a ride. I complained about my 2 hour commute (33 miles / 1 hour each way) on March 11th and boom the next day. KARMA! I have loved my 2 minute commute (walking to my work area for the day) and being able to “get off” at the end of the day and be immediately there with my family that I love so much. It also been nice to cook a nice meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner in my kitchen.

“This is a whole new world we are living in” and “This is the new normal” are phrases I have heard a lot of these days but in reality it has been this way a while. No, I am not talking about Social Distancing and the mad rush to the stores for the most random pandemic supplies. I am taking about Video Conferencing.

It has actually been around for a while now. FaceTime was initially launched by Apple in 2010 and Zoom was founded just a year later. Video Conferencing as been a luxury that Tech Companies and Corporate America have had for a while. Mostly used to enhance the meeting experience beyond the classic phone bridge / conference call. This allowed for more “Face to Face” discussions and the ability to read the other 93% of communications (the non-verbal ones).

I have actually been surprised and frankly taken aback by how many folks are unfamiliar with Video Conferencing Technologies and the Etiquette surrounding it.

On a call with one of our Baby Boomer Executives with the Sales Team, he was asking what the right terminology of what we had was. I explained it like Kleenex is to Tissue, WebEx is to Video Conferencing Platform.

With the shift to working from home has also come the need to do Sales Presentations and Rebids over these same platforms. This has been quite a struggle for our Sales and Operations Teams. While I am doing the trainings for Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams, I am also adding tips and tricks to help them change from the in person style to the online style.

But this is not just the case at work. It is also happening at home. I love my Mom’s side of the family but when it comes to technology, they refuse to use it some times. (While my Dad’s side is an International bunch they have been using ICQ, PCAnywhere and BestNetCall since the inception of all those products.) We recently had our third Zoom call and it was great. We even added more extended family this time!

Being a vCIO for Small Businesses means a lot of people ask me technology questions. One of my good friends even texted me “Hey buddy, do you know anything about connecting a webcam to a smart tv with Amazon firestick for video chatting?” today.

I told him what I did last night for a video call. I did it via my phone on Facebook Messenger. Put the phone below the TV then Casted my screen to the TV so everyone could see it.

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